Colorado Backroads Adventure

The Colorado Backroads Adventure Ride starts on Friday August 26 from Cortez, Colorado

What do you need to get started ?

A sense of adventure and common sense.


7 P’s – Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

Show up in the Afternoon on Thursday Aug 24 at the Ute Casino outside Cortez, CO.

  • The Club has asked for Lodging to be held or Camping is available..
  • Lodging Discount Codes and camping info will be sent after Sign-Up Confirmation.







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CO Backroads Adventure
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  • Hazards DO exist on our routes, such as downed trees, washouts, rocks, etc. and will NOT be marked in any fashion.
  • All routes are publicly-accessible so you may also encounter other riders and traffic.
  • Uphill Traffic has the Right-Of-Way
  • Riders need to use caution and common sense at all times.
  • Stay to the right when possible, particularly around blind turns.
  • We discourage you from riding alone and encourage everyone to use the BUDDY SYSTEM


  • We will not have checkpoints throughout the day or sweep riders to keep track of you.
  • We may provide “outriders” to help you if you need a shortcut to the finish or have questions along the way, but they should NOT be considered “sweep” riders:
  • If you get stranded we will of course do what we can to bail you out, however if we need to arrange evacuation, medical aid, or any other form of rescue assistance for you there may be a an outside charge associated with that assistance.
  • We will have a Sign-Out sheet in the morning. We insist everyone Sign-out in the Morning and Sign-In back in when you get back in the Afternoon.
  • Please do not make us call your In-Case-of-Emergency contact by forgetting to Sign-back-In.


  • These Rides are for competent, licensed, insured riders with a street legal, quiet motorcycles with a USFS approved spark arrestor.
  • By competent we mean having the necessary ability, knowledge, attitude and skill to complete these rides successfully.


  • By participating in ANY Club event every Club Member takes full and sole responsibility for their actions and well-being, without exception.
  • All participants are on their own, riding at their own pace, at their own risk, and always have the option to follow the designated route or to follow another route of their choosing.
  • Exit Tours M/C rides are non-competitive, self-guided, non-commercial, recreational club rides for members only paying for the amenities with the ride.


Q: Why do these rides cost what they do?

  • There is no economy of scale.
  • But since there will not be 200 riders you are guaranteed a more comfortable environment.
  • Liability Insurance, art, website, web hosting, accounting, book-keeping, facility rentals, printing…
  • Meals included with the rides, tents and trailers and our Club Members time, fuel, tires and lodging all add to the cost.
  • Exit Tours M/C is a Colorado Non-Profit Corporation, and we will be donating a portion of any proceeds to the Blue Ribbon Coalition.
  • Your ride fee assures the ongoing promotion of more motorcycle adventures.



If you withdraw your participation before a ride :

  • There is a 50% REFUND on the COBDR ADVENTURE if you withdraw 90 days or more in Advance.
  • If you withdraw in fewer than 90 Days, there is no Refund.
  • If you withdraw from this ride your payment for shared group expense amenities will be forfeited or MAY be transferred to another rider.
  • A $20 Fee @ Sign-In will be required for Rider Changes


  • If Exit Tours Motorcycle Club cancels a ride we will make all attempts to provide an equivalent ride on an alternate date.
  • If we do this then your prepaid shared group expense payment may be transferred to the new ride date, or if you cannot attend the new date, a 100% refund for shared group expenses will apply less PayPal Fees.
  • Our rides are all-weather. Rides will not be cancelled, regardless of weather conditions, and refunds will not be given for shared group expense amenities. Nor will they be transferred to another ride or rider.



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  • Cost of Club membership for the COBDR Adventure is $700.
  • There is NO option for fewer days.


  • Discounted lodging at the Ute Mountain Casino near Cortez, Colorado on Thursday Aug 24 & Thursday Sept 1
  • The club will reserve the Ponderosa Lodge on nights 3 & 4. You will be responsible for Payment on a Date TBD
  • The Ponderosa Lodge is a Family owned Lodge and Firefighting Camp on Monarch Pass.
  • Below 14k ft.Mt. Shavano in the Heart of the Rockies on the Continental Divide.
  • Dinners & Breakfast will be included at the Ponderosa Lodge
  • Discounted lodging at the Ladder Ranch on the Wyoming Border on Aug 31, Day 7
  • Lodging discount codes will be supplied after Sign-Up Confirmation.
  • You will need to Call the Ute Casino to confirm and hold your own reservations under Exit Tours.


  • We’ll have a included banquet Thursday evening Aug 24 at the Ute Casino
  • The club will buy steak dinners on Day 3 in Salida.


  • Day 5 we will stay at a Private campground near Sweetwater Canyon off the Colorado River
  • Or you could stay in Gypsum. Info sent with Sign-Up confirmation.


  • The Ladder Ranch is $20-75 for a bed in a cabin or $10 to camp. (Limited cabins)
  • We will email contact Info for the Ladder Ranch with Sign-Up confirmation
  • $30 for dinner on Aug 30 and $10 for breakfast on Sept 1 at the Ladder Ranch
  • The club will make breakfast when we are camping on days 2, 3, and 6 & 7.
  • Breakfast will be included on days 4 & 5
  • Breakfast at the Casino on Day 1 is on you.


  • The Club will Transport your gear so you may ride unencumbered by camping gear.
  • We will keep your ice chest stocked if you give us a list and cash every other day or so.
  • There are several loops to Mountain passes not on the COBDR you could ride on Rest Day 4 at the Ponderosa Lodge.
  • If you would like to ride more in the Heart of the Rockies.
  • Loops on Monday will be from80 to 150 miles loops.
  • Ride with GPS tracks supplied for Loops near Salid.
  • Or you could just rest and enjoy the Lodge.
  • Shoot us an email with any Q’s:






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