What if you want to come riding in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains, but the current Club Ride dates don’t work for you ?

  • Check out a Custom ride.


May through October.

In the Heart of the Rockies from Leadville to Alamosa, Pikes Peak to the Continental Divide.

X-Roads BV- Heart of Rocky Mountain August
Heart of Rocky Mountain Map (Clickable)

Ride in the Heart of the Rockies.

  • In the watersheds and headwaters of the Rio Grande, Arkansas, Colorado & Platte Rivers.
  • If you, or a group of Friends want to go on a Custom ride in the Heart of the Rockies, Contact Us.
Heart of the rockies
Ride in the Heart of the Rocky Mtns (Clickable)

We can supply Phone compatible Ride with GPS Tracks.

  • Club Membership included with the ride.
  • Access to 25+ High Mountain Passes.
Ride an off-road Adventure loop around Pikes Peak

2 Day Loop around Pikes Peak loop like no other.

Great Sand Dunes Hot Springs swimming pool
Great Sand Dunes Hot Springs swimming pool

Dual Sport, Adventure or Singletrack loops.

3 disciplines

Whatever you want to do.

  • 1 or 2 Days Or Longer.
  • Camping or Lodging
  • Creative Adventure, Dual Sport or Singletrack routes.
  • Loops to fit your groups skill level.
  • We can arrange Epic Creative Custom Loops to fit your schedule and your Fantasy.
  • Support Truck
  • Local Guides
  • Gear Portage

What is the Cost:

Typically Join the Club either as an associate Member or a Full Member.

  • $325 or $425 PP
  • Longer than 2 Day rides are an additional upgrade.
  • Reasonable rates and Epic Unforgettable Adventure’s in the Rocky Mountains.
  • Don’t drop Thousands of dollars for a generic tour, we can do what you want to do for way less.
Fishing on Mirror Lake
Fishing on Mirror Lake
We Love Leadville
We Love Leadville Great Living @ 10,200 feet

Whatever you want to do, we can set you up for an unforgettable Adventure.

  • We can email GPS Tracks
  • Lodging at some of the most unique locales you could only dream of finding
  • Chase Truck
  • Luggage portage
  • Planned Fuel Stops (Remote or at Gas Stations)
  • Custom Meals
  • Snacks
  • Beverages
Top of Greens Creek
Top of Greens Creek
Glamping Cabins
Glamping Cabins

If you need to rent Adventure or Dual Sport Motorcycles, we have those connections:

  • 501 Huskys
  • 690 KTMs
  • 701 Huskys
  • CRFL 250s
  • DR 400s
  • T-7’s
  • CRFL 1000 Africa Twins
  • 790 KTMs
  • 1290 KTMs
  • 1250 BMWs
Cotopaxi on the Arkansas River
Cotopaxi on the Arkansas River

If you want to go:

  • River Rafting
  • Jeeping
  • Rock Hounding
  • Mtn Biking
  • Fishing
  • Hot Springs
  • We can set up those adventures.
  • Or even 420 TOURS !


How far do you want to Go?

  • How many Passes do you want to ride ?
  • How about a 3 Day Hot Springs adventure loop of almost 1000 miles ?
  • A 2 Day or 3 Day Dual Sport OR Singletrack loop with luggage portage?
  • Ride the longest Continious Singletrack Trail in Colorado and the Continental Divide Trail
  • 10+ Passes on an Adventure Ride
  • Dual Sport Loops for days
Glen Eyrie Castle
Glen Eyrie Castle near Colorado Springs

Lodging Examples:

  • Private Cabins
  • Historic Hotels
  • Historic Hot Springs
  • Private Lodges
  • Glamping Cabins & Tents
  • Castles
Historic Delaware Hotel
Historic Delaware Hotel In Leadville
Swimming Pool at Cutty’s Hayden Pass Resort

Hot Springs ADV Loops Examples with Elevation Profiles



We have been putting on Singletrack, Dual Sport and Adventure Rides in the Heart of the Rockies since 2012.