Exploring the Unmarked Route: Adventure Awaits with Exit Tours MC


Exploring the Unmarked Route: Adventure Awaits with Exit Tours MC

Exit Tours Motorcycle Club, the ultimate destination for Like-minded Adventure & Dual Sport motorcycle enthusiasts.

The club offers non-competitive recreational Club Dual Sport, Singletrack & Adventure rides that consist of as much dirt and as little pavement as possible. 

  • Any competent Rider can join.
  • There are no meetings, workdays or Politics involved.
  • Navigation is by Phone compatible Ride withe GPS tracks.
  • There are no Guides on our rides.
  • You leave when you wish, ride with whom you wish.

3 disciplines

Exit Tours Motorcycle Club is your go-to for Adventure, Dual Sport & Singletrack Trailrides:

Any Competent Rider Can Join

  • Anyone competent rider who loves adventure and has the necessary skills should join us for a thrilling ride.
  • There are no invitations required, and we welcome all enthusiasts who have street-legal, plated, insured, and quiet motorcycles capable of being ridden on dirt roads, singletrack trails, two-track, jeep roads, and pavement.

Easy Navigation with Ride with GPS Tracks

We provide Phone compatible Ride with GPS tracks for all of our rides.

  • You can download these tracks to your Garmin or use your phone with voice navigation or an electronic cue sheet to follow the loops you wish to ride.
  • You would also be asked to inform us of the specific loop you intend to ride, and complete the check-out procedure in the morning prior to your departure.
  • When you return, check in on the same sheet.
Ride With GPS
LINK to Ride With GPS

Ride with GPS Club Membership Included

Your motorcycle club membership includes a Ride with GPS membership.

  • This allows you to plan which routes you wish to ride.
  • You use this app to navigate during the ride.
Just a Dual Sport ride
It’s Just a Dual Sport ride

Less Pavement, More Scenery

Exit Tours MC strives to minimize the use of paved roads and we instead prioritize the enjoyment of off-road terrain, scenic routes, and 2 track.

  • The club only uses pavement when necessary to connect dirt loops and access amenities.
  • This ensures a hassle-free experience that lets you fully appreciate the beauty of the ride without the hassle of dealing with traffic.
  • Or wearing out your tires on Pavement

Rides for Different Types of Riders.

We suggest dirt-orientated dual-sport motorcycles on the Dual Sport loops, plated dirt bikes on the Singletrack loops, and Adventure bikes for the ADV loops.

1 adv team

Low-Key, High Adventure, No Hassle

Exit Tours MC Club rides are a “low-key, high adventure, no hassle” self-guided tours.

  • Exit Tours Motorcycle Club provides several options for navigation, including Phone compatible Ride with GPS Tracks, with voice navigation, or a GPS Track Cue Sheet roll chart to help you navigate through the unmarked routes.
  • GPX tracks are included with each Ride with GPS track.
  • Before the rides, GPS tracks, maps, and cue sheets will be emailed to you.
  • RWGPS allows you to enjoy the ride at your own pace without feeling rushed or pressured.

Club Membership Cost:

  • Your First ride in a Calendar Year is $450
  • Your 2nd or subsequent rides in a Calendar Year are $375
  • The first and last ride of the year are $375 to Join
  • All rides Include Staging on Private Property, Camping or Lodging on You.
  • Gear Portage and a Chase Truck
  • Several meals and beverages
  • T-Shirt
  • Pin, stickers or a coffee cup
  • Ride with GPS Tracks
  • The enthusiasm or your Like-minded Club members
  • Exceptions:
  • The Father’s Day ride to the Alpine Tunnel Historic District is Free
  • The 7 Day COBDR Adventure is $100 a day / $700
  • The Cuban Adventure Rides includes Guides and are All-Inclusive. 4 to 5 Thousand dollars for 9 & 10 days including BMW GSf 700’s
  • 2 rides in Western Cuba. One in Eastern Cuba in 2024.
  • The Whole Enchilada 14 Day adventure ride to Los Cabos in your own motorcycle are $3,500

Final thoughts!

Exit Tours Motorcycle Club rides are the for off-road motorcycle enthusiasts looking for a thrilling and customizable experience.

  • You can be sure that you’ll have an unforgettable experience.
  • What are you waiting for?
  • Join us today and embark on your next adventure!





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