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Divide Adventure Ride
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Continental Divide
Continental Divide from Weston Pass (clickable)

JULY 6-10 2023

Four Day 750 mile Adventure Motorcycle ride on the Continental Divide

  • From and to the Colorado Springs Airport.

President Theodore Roosevelt said on a Train ride in 1900 that the beauty of the route from Colorado Springs to Victor:

“This is the ride that bankrupts the English language.”

Pavement Ends
Pavement Ends

65% Off-Road. Ride over 11+ Mountain Passes in the Heart of the Rockies.

  • The Ride is from July 7-10 – Friday to Monday.
  • This is a low-key, high adventure, no hassle Adventure Motorcycle ride on the Continental Divide.
  • Includes proven phone compatible GPS Tracks, Gear Portage, 2 nights camping, some meals and a Chase Truck.
  • 1 Night in Leadville on you

Independence Pass
Independence Pass on the Continental Divide

The ride starts from the secure Colorado Springs Airport and returns 4 days later.

Ride over Mountain Passes you’ve heard about:

  • Victor Pass*
  • Trout Creek Pass
  • Weston Pass
  • Independence Pass*
  • Hagerman Pass
  • Mosquito Pass**
  • Weston Pass*
  • Cottonwood Pass*
  • Cumberland Pass
  • Waunita Pass
  • Blacksage Pass
  • Old Monarch Pass
  • Monarch Pass*
  • Marshall Pass
  • Pikes Peak (Not a Pass)*
  • Over 70,000 feet in elevation gain in 4 days
  • * = Paved
  • **= Alternate Tough loop on Day 3


Colorado Springs Airport to the Continental Divide. And Back.

  • 11 Mountain Passes.
  • 4 Days, 750 miles.
  • Ride up Pikes Peak on Day 4 if you wish.

Pikes Peak Devils Playground
Pikes Peak Devils Playground
  • GPS Tracks.
  • Gear Portage.
  • T-Shirt.
  • Route Maps.
  • Chase Truck and Support.
  • 60% – 80 % Off-Road.
  • Lodging Not Included.
  • Camping spots are included
  • Club will reserve Lodging and purchase some meals.

Check the Article & Photos on Adventure Rider:

Advevnture Rider LINK
Adventure Rider LINK


Photo Gallery
Divide Ride Photo Gallery

narrow winding road


4 Day Adventure Ride on the Divide – July 7-10. Show up in Colorado Springs on Thursday July 6.

Discounted Lodging available on Thursday and Monday at the COS Airport Raddison Hotel.

Eleven + Mtn Passes.

  • DAY 1 – Ride from Colorado Springs Airport
  • Around Pikes Peak on sinuous old Railroad Lines.
  • To the old mining town of Victor.
  • Down Phantom Cyn, thru Canon City to Temple Cyn Park.
  • To Cotopaxi, then ride through the high Mountain plains.
  • Drop down into the old railroad town of Salida.
  • Camp at the Drift-In on the Arkansas River (Included)
  • Or lodge at the Poncha Lodge (On You)
  • DAY 2 – Ride over Aspen Ridge to Trout Creek Pass.
  • Then over Weston Pass, the road to riches, to paved Independence Pass.
  • Arrive in Aspen for Lunch.
  • From Aspen, ride the jeep road Hagerman Pass
  • Drop down into Leadville.
  • Spend the night at the Historic Delaware Hotel in Leadville. (on You)
delaware hotel
Delaware Hotel
  • DAY 3 – Ride offroad from Leadville.
  • Then down the Arkansas river valley on old RR Lines, to Buena Vista.
  • From BV, take Cottonwood Pass to the town of Tincup.
  • Ride over Cumberland Pass to Pitkin.
  • From Pitkin, over Waunita and Black Sage passes to the top of Old Monarch Pass.
  • Down paved Monarch Pass to Sargents.
  • Then up and over the first Railroad line over the Continental Divide on Marshall Pass and back to Salida.
  • Camp at the Drift-In on the Arkansas River (Included)
  • Lodge at the Poncha Lodge (On You)
  • DAY 4 – Ride out of Salida off-road up an old Mountain racetrack to to the South Platte River.
  • Come out of 11 Mile Canyon and ride off-road thru Florrisant to Divide.
  • Off-road to Woodland Park and ride down Rampart Range road to Garden of the Gods.
  • From GOG you can ride up Pikes Peak.
  • Your choice, then ride Gold Camp road to Cheyenne Canyon, and back to the COS Airport.
  • Stay at the Airport Raddison. (On you)
  • This is an Epic 4 day adventure with over 70,000 ft of elevation gain.
  • 11+ Mtn Passes on all the dirt road short or long cuts laid out by our local experts.


divide ride map
Divide ride Map (Clickable)
Day 1 – Loop is Clockwise – around Pikes Peak to Salida
  • Colorado Springs to Gold Camp Road old Railroad Right-of-way to Victor pass.
  • Phantom Canyon Railroad Right-of-way to Canon City, to Temple Canyon Park to Cotopaxi.
  • To Ute Pass to Salida. Overnight in Salida. 1 Pass.
  • Camp on the river or Stay in Poncha Springs.

Old Railroad Tunnel
Old Railroad Tunnel on Goldcamp Road

Day 2 – Off-Road from Salida to Buena Vista. To Leadville.

  • To Trout Creek Pass, then over Weston Pass to Granite.
  • Mt. Elbert Forebay to Twin Lakes.
  • To Independence Pass to Aspen.
  • From Aspen to Basalt
  • To over Hagerman Pass to Turquoise Lake to Leadville.
  • Overnight in Leadville.
  • 4 Passes.
  • Stay at the Historic Delaware Hotel.

Cottonwood Pass
Cottonwood Pass in the heart of the Rocky Mountains

Day 3 – Two Options: Hero ADV Loop

  • From Leadville over challenging 13k foot Mosquito Pass & almost 12k foot Weston Pass.
  • To Cottonwood Pass to the town of Tincup.
  • Cumberland Pass to Pitkin, to Waunita & Blacksage Passes.
  • To Sargents to the old Railroad right-of-way Marshall Pass to Salida.
  • Camp on the river or Stay in Poncha Springs.
Hero Adventure Loop
Hero Adventure Loops

Day 3 – Standard Loop from Leadville

  • Pipeline Right-of-way past the Twin Lakes
  • Old Railroad Right-of-way to Buena Vista, along the Arkansas River
  • Over Cottonwood Pass to the town of Tincup.
  • Cumberland Pass to Pitkin,
  • To Waunita & Blacksage Pass,
  • To Old Monarch Pass to Monarch Pass to Marshall Pass to Salida.
  • Over Paved 12k+ foot Cottonwood Pass
  • Over 12k foot Cumberland Pass to Pitkin.
  • To over 12k foot Old Monarch Pass to Sargents.
  • 10K+ foot Old Marshall Pass Railroad right of way to Salida.
  • Overnight in Salida.
  • Camp on the River or Stay in a Hotel.
  • 6 Passes.
Hagerman Pass
Hagerman Pass Summit at almost 12k feet

Day 4From Salida toUte Pass

  • To 11 Mile Canyon Railroad Right-of-way on the Platte River.
  • Across the High Mountain Plains to Hwy 9
  • From 11 Mile Cyn, RR ROW To Woodland Park.
  • Rampart Range road to Garden of the Gods
  • Up to Pikes Peak Summit if you wish.
  • To Manitou Springs & Old Colorado City
  • To Cheyenne Canyon RR ROW to Colorado Springs Airport.


Divide Adventure Ride Map (Clickable)
  • 65 – 75 % off road
  • This ride will stage and park at the secure Colorado Springs Airport.
  • Long Term parking at the Airport is $8 a day. (4 days)
E Ticket Adventure Ride
E Ticket Adventure Ride

Divide Ride Sign-Up
Divide Ride Sign-Up





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