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What is Vintage Dual Sport ?

A Vintage Dual Sport is any Non-Current off road or older than 2001 Dual Sport motorcycle that can be plated for the highway and ridden off-road.

Generally speaking, if the item is older than 20 years, it falls under the term vintage...

Vintage Dual Sport 90's DR 350 
Vintage Dual Sport could be a 90’s DR 350


to a 50's Triumph Cub.
50’s Triumph Cub.

A Classic 70’s Yamaha DT 400

’95 KTM LC4

1979 Penton Woodsman
1979 Penton Woodsman

Dual Sport rides are not competitions. Dual Sport events do not generally have classes.

So a Vintage Dual Sport event would just be a place to show off your Vintage Dual Sport Motorcycle.

X- Roads Buena Vista in Mid-August 2023 will have a Vintage coponent, if enough guys bring that old bike in the garage ?


  • Ride it, talk about, take pictures or swap parts.
  • If you have a plated Vintage Motorcycle, and it is capable of traversing a few Mountain Passes on 2 track roads and dirt roads, bring it and ride it on the Vintage Loop for a day ?
  • If you need an excuse to to work on that old motorcycle sitting in your garage, a Vintage Dual Sport ride is the perfect excuse to bring that Vintage machine up to snuff.
  • You could conceivably navigate most Dual Sport loops on your Vintage Dual Sport Motorcycle. But would you really want to ?
  • The thinking is to sign-up with your more current Dual Sport, plated dirt bike or your Adventure bike and ride your choice of loops.
  • But bring your Vintage bike along and ride it for a day. Or 2. Or a few hours.


Route to the Alpine Tunnel
Route to the Alpine Tunnel (Clickable)

This route will be slightly modified for X-Roads BV

This loop to the Alpine tunnel with 2 fuel stops we be a fun loop on your Vintage Dual Sport

  • Vintage Dual Sport Loops you could Navigate by GPS Tracks on your phone.
  • Or if you want to stick with the old school theme, you could print, cut  and tape a Roll Chart from the GPS Tracks Cue sheet.


  • What is a Vintage Dual Sport Loop ?
  • A whoop free fun dual sport loop with as little pavement as possible.
  • A 90% dirt road loop with some 2 track sections and some Epic old railroad right-of-way.

The Palisades on the way to the Alpine tunnel

Vintage Honda Transalp

Vintage Adventure bikes could also fit in the mix.

Hodaka Road Toad


You could set-up an Ez-Up and Swap Parts of just talk about swapping vintage parts ?

  • Either way, Vintage Dual Sport could be a fun component of Dual Sport events.
X-Roads in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains
X-Roads Map in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains (Clickable) 

Bring your Vintage Dual Sport on a Road trip to  X-Roads BV in Mid-August ’23 ?

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X-Roads BV in the Heart of the Rocky Mtns
Aug 9-15 2023