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California Zephyr makes a brief stop in Salida
The California Zephyr makes a brief stop in Salida, in the 1960’s

Why should you care about old railroads ?

Because Exit Tours MC uses the majority of these old Railroad Right-of-Ways to traverse the Rocky Mountains.


There is some great Colorado Railroad history on this page.

  • An interesting story from the Salida Archives on a deadly crash on the Tennessee Pass in 1926.
  • Specific info on the Tennessee Pass, Poncha Junction, Maysville, Monarch & Monarch Pass and Marshall Pass sections of the Denver, Rio Grande & Western.
  • The Valley line thru the San Luis Valley to Alamosa. Salida, The Royal Gorge and the Denver to Pueblo Mainline.
  • Some History on the Colorado Midland Railroad, which includes dome interesting facts on Hagerman Pass.
  • A brief history on the Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek District Railroad and short link on the Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad up Phantom Canyon.
  • A Link to the Denver, Southpark & Pacifistic Historical Society and a Wikpedia link on the D&SP&P
  • And a link to a Good article on Salida’s and Chaffee Counties Railroad History.
Colorado 2 Day sticker
Colorado 2 Day sticker


Denver , Rio Grande & Western Map at its heyday
Denver , Rio Grande & Western Map at its heyday


Mainline thru the Rockies
Mainline thru the Rockies

Some of the Old Railroad Passes we ride in the Heart of the Rockies Include:

  • Hagerman Pass between Aspen and Leadville.
  • The Alpine Tunnel Loop, which remains the highest Railroad tunnel ever bored thru the Rocky Mountains.
  • The first Railroad Pass over the Continental Divide, Marshall Pass.
  • Trout Creek Pass, which hosted both the Denver, Southpark and Pacific and the Colorado Midland Railroads.

Hagerman Pass Info

Hancock Pass and the Alpine Tunnel

Marshall Pass Info

Trout Creek Pass

LINKS TO HISTORICAL RAILROAD INFO around the Crossroads of the Rockies from:


You will have the opportunity to ride on or over most of these historical Rail Lines at X-Roads of the Rockies.

Salida Archives

1926 Granite Train Wreck on the Tennessee Pass


Tennessee Pass Route

Poncha Junction, CO

Mears Junction in the 1920's
Mears Junction in the 1920’s

Mears Junction in the 1920’s

Maysville Branch


Monarch Branch


Monarch, CO


Marshall Pass Main Line


Valley Line (Poncha Pass Route)

Salida's Art Deco Railroad Station
Salida’s Art Deco Railroad Station from the 40’s to the 70’s

Heart on the Sign signifies your in the Heart of the Rockies

Salida, CO


Royal Gorge Route


Denver-Pueblo Mainline

California Zephyr makes a brief stop in Salida,
California Zephyr made a brief stop in Salida, in the 1960’s


The Midland Railroad
The Midland Railroad

Colorado Midland Railway History

Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek District Railway

Florence and Cripple Creek Railroad

Railroad cut in Phantom Canyon
Railroad cut in Phantom Canyon

The Denver, South Park & Pacific Historical Society




LINK to Chaffee County Rail History

Rail History Chaffee County

Adventuire Team

Heart of the Rockies

Crossroads of the Rockies Area History