Motorcycle Rides. Through the Rockies, Not around them



  • But don’t know where to ride?
    • Or camp or stay ?
  • Eat or get fuel?
    • Want to ride trails & mountain passes you’ve only heard about?
  • Or just want to go riding somewhere different?

We may have the answer.



X-Roads of the Rockies

August 13-17 2020

  • We use as little pavement as possible to tie dirt sections together.
  • You will be challenged on most of the loops, challenged, but Fun…
  • Over 25 Dual Sport, Singletrack & Adventure Loops from the Crossroads of the Rockies in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains. Motorcycle Rides


  • X-Roads of the Rockies is a combined Dual Sport, Singletrack & Adventure ride.
  • Open to any Competent Motorcycle Rider.
  • Ride what you want, when you want, with who you want.
  • Bring 2 bikes ?


  • Thursday Aug. 13th through Monday Aug. 17th  2020
  • Camping available from Wednesday Night
  • The rides start and loop from the Chaffee County Fairgrounds in Salida, Colorado.
  • GPS tracks
  • 5 nights of camping at the Fairgrounds (Wed to Monday)
  • 4 meals, 2 Breakfast, 2 Dinners
  • Ride with GPS membership, Exit Tours MC Membership 
  • T-shirt & finisher pin
  • Bonfires, Camaraderie & Local Support
  • We are somewhat old fashioned. We do not do Seminars, play games or offer classes.



Dual Sport Ride @ 12,000 feet

Dual Sport Loops that are challenging or easy, your choice.

Epic rides on mountain passes over the Continental Divide

and through the watershed’s of 4 major American rivers.



Continental Divide Singletrack

  • We provide access to trails, terrain and to creative routes you would otherwise not find.
  • We help you access some of the most spectacular trails and passes.
  • In a little known area of the Rocky Mountains.
  • You will not ride to Dead-Ends on our routes. All of our routes loop.



True Adventure

  • ADV loops are Adventure Bike suitable terrain.
  • ADV loops include multiple Mountain Passes. Pavement, Dirt Roads.
  • Some ADV loops include 2 Track & Jeep Trails.


  • For 2020 in the ADV Category we will offer your choice of four 2 Day overnight loops.
  • We found last year over 300 miles a day was too much, so for 2020 we will offer:
  • 350-400 mile Loops with an overnight stop in the middle with Lodging on you.
  • Hotel options and details are included with your Sign-Up Confirmation.



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Chaffee County, Colorado should truly be called a ‘Mecca for off-road motorcyclist’s.

The Arkansas River starts to the North in Leadville and exits the Rocky Mountains to the East through Salida, which means ‘Exit’ in Spanish. The headwaters of the Rio Grande river are the Southern boundary. The Continental Divide is the Western boundary. There are literally thousands of miles of loops we can do from the Chaffee County Fairgrounds.

Mecca  – noun

1) A place that is regarded as the center of an activity or interest.
2) A goal to which adherents of a religious faith or practice fervently aspire.


Our Playground is Vast!