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Frequently Asked Questions…

Do we reserve our own flights to Havana?

  • Yes. It’s as easy as booking to anywhere else online.
  • For example, if you book online with American Airlines, as soon as you tag in Havana as a destination, you’ll be prompted to affirm that you’re traveling under one of the 12 permissible licenses.
  • You check “yes” and that’s it. End of story. No other paperwork is required.
  • Then, when you check in at the airport for your flight to Havana, you’ll be asked which of the 12 licenses you’re using: answer = “Support for the Cuban people

Do we apply for our own visas?

  • Yes. The airlines have their own relationships to Cuba tour specialists who can provide the visa.
  • After reserving your flights, you should receive an email from the airline with a link to their visa provider (some airlines may include the visa in your reservation).
  • For example, American airlines uses Cuba Travel Services.
  • At any time you can request and pay for the visa online.
  • Visa’a can also be purchased upon check in ($100) at Miami Airport.

Are we required to get Covid vaccinations?

  • No. However, we recommend you consult with your doctor ?

Is it advisable to get any other vaccinations?

  • Hepatitis and tetanus, but consult your doctor.

Do we need an international drivers’ license? With a motorcycle endorsement ?

  • You do Not need an international driver’s license.
  • Your US. driver’s license will suffice, but it should include a motorcycle endorsement.

Can U.S. travelers go to Havana for a few days before the ride starts, or stay a few days after the ride concludes?

  • Yes, US. law provides for anyone under US .jurisdiction to visit Cuba any time they wish, pre-approved as long as they sincerely believe they fulfill one of the 12 license categories and abide by the regulations while in Cuba.
  • You may do so for as many days as they wish.
  • Everyone is pre-approved (and no paperwork is required) under the “Support for the Cuban people” license.
  • Which requires that you stay at private B&Bs and dine at private restaurants while in Cuba.
  • Therefore, you can choose to book your own flights to arrive/depart on any day before or after the trip.

What about medical insurance and emergencies?

  • Your airline ticket includes medical insurance for medical services provided while in Cuba.
  • Of course, it’s always wise to obtain medical evacuation insurance, such as Medjet assist.
  • Proof of insurance is provided by a red stamp on your boarding pass to Havana.
  • This should be retained and carried on your person at all times while in Cuba.

Can I use my credit cards in Cuba?

  • No, US law prohibits use of credit cards in Cuba.
  • You’ll be operating on a cash only basis.
  • We recommend you carry $600-1000 in small bills ($1,5,10,20s) for 9 days in Cuba.
  • Some cash in a throwaway wallet and in some your real wallet in your backpack or tankbag, or your luggage.

Adventuire Team

Here is a short list of necessities for a Cuban Adventure.
  • Passport
  • Cuban Visa
  • Airfare
  • Drivers License
  • Medical Insurance
  • Emergency Flight Insurance (LINK)
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance (recommended)
  • $600-$1000 cash (US Credit Cards cannot be used in Cuba)
  • Riding Gear (warm weather)
  • Cell Phone for Photos and WIFI connections
  • Phone charger
  • Tank Bag
  • Compatible Helmet Headset (Not mandatory)
  • Toiletries
  • Diarrhea Medicine (Pepto Bismol)
  • Tune up on your Spanish


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