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Three Cuban Adventure Rides in 2024

 Cuba on BMW GSf 700
Jan 23 Club ride in Cuba on BMW GSf 700

“Simply stated, Cuba is one of the most fascinating, complex, misunderstood, culturally vibrant, and exciting countries on Earth. Almost every U.S. citizen who visits falls in love with the place, regardless of politics.”

  • Christopher P. Baker, Moto Journalist & National Geographic acclaimed Cuban Expert

2024 Cuban Adventure Rides Dates (Red is Clickable)


Ride Cost

What is included on Cuban Adventure Rides for 2024

Two 9 Day All-Inclusive Western Cuba Adventures

  • February 8-16, 2024
  • March 7-15, 2024
  • $ 4,400 Double Occupancy
  • $ 1,495 Pillion Passenger, Double Occupancy
  • $ 4,850 Single Occupancy

10 Day All-Inclusive Eastern Cuba Adventure

  • May 4-13 2024
  • $ 5,250.00 Double Occupancy
  • $ 2,295.00 Pillion Passenger, Double Occupancy
  • $ 5,650.00 Single Occupancy


Cuba, Bahamas and Jamaica
Cuba, in relation to the Bahamas and Jamaica

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and is definitely one of Latin America’s hidden gems.

  • Cuba is known for its crystal-clear beaches, delicious cocktails like the mojito, and the unpolished beauty of Old Havana.
  • Cuba is also famous for its music, for the revolution that turned it upside down in 1959, and for its Cigars of unrivaled quality.
Jan '23 Cuban Adventure
Jan ’23 Cuban Adventure Montage (Clickable)


Day 1: Meet in Holguín

Day 2 (210 km): Via Bayamo to Sierra Maestra

Day 3 (190 km): Sierra Maestra to Marea del Portillo

Day 4 (180 km): Mareal del Portillo to Santiago de Cuba

Day 5 (60 km): Santiago de Cuba

Day 6 (210 km): Santiago de Cuba to Baracoa

Day 7 (140 km): Excursion to Yumurí and Punta Maisí

Day 8 (180 km): Baracoa to Mayarí

Day 9: Mayarí to Holguín

Day 10: Depart Holguín for Miami today (or extend your stay if you desire)

Eastern Cuba Route
Eastern Cuba Route (clickable)