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 X-Roads Rider Comments

Quotes from Participants of the X-Roads of the Rockies Colorado Dual Sport Adventure

 “X-Roads of the Rockies riders comments”


“You better know how to ride rocks if you want to ride in Colorado.

After all, it IS the Rocky Mountains”.

Mark W


“Worth doing, add to your bucket list”.

Leo J.


“This event enabled me to ride areas and connect trails as if I was a local. The trails, scenery and camaraderie were beyond my expectations. A vacation of a lifetime” –

Neville C


“Had a great time on my first trip to Colorado. Can’t wait for next year.”

Ken P.


“I got more than my money’s worth of riding in quality and quantity!”

Jim S.


“How bout them rocks.”

Terry L


“The rocks are what separates the men from the boys”

Jason H


“Great ride, definitely on the must do list!”

Tom L


“Beyond expectations! Mike Brown and his team really did an outstanding job organizing the ride.”

Randy M


“Mike puts together a great event. The trails were awesome and the route guidance was on point.”

Chris K


“Great people, great ride great, adventure”

Doug M


“Epic Ride”

Kerry N.


“If you wanted to ride in the Rocky Mountains here is an opportunity to ride as much as you can handle”

Jay S.


” The Chaffee County Dual Sport Ride was like Riding on the edge of dual sport bike paradise.”

James W.


“Great opportunity to meet people from across the country and enjoy a couple of long days of riding.”

Tim W.


“This event is definitely a challenge for a medicare-card-carrier like myself, but that just adds to the satisfaction of finishing the whole route unassisted. What didn’t kill me only made me stronger! ” Or, as Orson Wells once said “If you feel pain, you know you’re alive”.

Ron J.


” Epic beauty and great organization for a dual sport ride.”

John N.


X-Roads of the Rockies 2020

August 13-17

By Kevin Goff

My body may be a little sore, but my soul is happy. I just wrapped up my third year at the X-Roads of the Rockies Dual Sport Adventure ride. We are all grateful that Michael Brown and Exit Tours Motorcycle Club crew pulled X-Roads off with all the Covid restrictions in place and road closures due to fires.

The Chaffee County Fairgrounds definitely deserves a thank you for allowing this to happen and thanks to Chaffee County for lifting the fire ban just before the event.The nightly bonfire isn’t known for being a small one! 

We had about 75 riders present and did our best to adhere to Covid guidelines. 

Things were a little different from the norm, starting with daily temperature checks by Dr.Keri Brown right before breakfast. Food was great and was catered by Moments & Memories who normally park at the Elevation Brewing Company. 

This year we didn’t have the usual buffet style. The food was brought out to your table by the staff. A couple new twist’s this year were having an optional white-water rafting trip on the Arkansas River, as well as an option to go Mount Princeton Hot Springs on Sunday night.

Exit Tours MC reserved the private Infinity Pool for us. I am pretty sure everyone that stayed Sunday night was at the pool. I was hesitating on going but am very glad I did as It felt amazing after several days of riding.

As always, the main event is the riding and the camaraderie. I noticed most people brought a plated dirt bike as well as an ADV style bike. I had only a plated dirt bike.  The rides are different every year and always challenging. 

You won’t hear many people who finish a loop and complain that it was too short or too easy.  I met some old friends and made several new ones on my three days of singletrack rides. 

We had an absolutely amazing group of nine dirt bike riders on Saturday. Two of the nine riders had raced in the International Six Days Enduro (ISDE), Chris Graber and Kevin DeJong.

We rode Greens Creek, The Continental Divide Trail, and Big Bend Creek trails. We finished with Tank 7 and had lunch in Sargents at the Tomichi Creek Trading Post.

There is a Vietnam War memorial called Soldierstone along the Colorado Trail that just has to be seen. It is a little off the beaten path so local guidance or good intel is needed. 

Having that large of a group is usually a bad idea, but we a stellar group that all stayed together from start to finish. On Sunday, we did a shorter ride hitting the Rainbow Trail from the Silver Creek trailhead to the junction of FR 108. Once we got out of the woods, we stopped in downtown Salida for a dip in the Arkansas river.

We planned that ahead of time by wearing our swimsuits under our riding pants. I will be doing that again as it felt so good to wash off the hot dust in that fresh cold mountain river water. 

Camping was good at the Chaffee County Fairgrounds. There is clean water available and hot showers also. There always seems to be a windy day during the X-Roads and this year was no different.

I have learned to bring a very stout canvas tent and secure it along with my shade canopy with 12-inch lag screws instead of tent pegs.I bring my impact gun to drive the screws. We had several tents blow away in the past and get broken. A little planning will prevent this.

Mike brought in the great local duo ½ Pint band this year and had a few guest speakers. I had a chance to talk to one of the speakers, local gemstone miner and celebrity prospector Brian Busse from the TV show ‘Prospector’s’. 

My wife is now the proud owner of some beautiful aquamarine jewelry that Brian Mined at his Thank You Lord Mine on Mt Antero. Brian can be found at Rocky Mountain Jeep Rentals in Salida.

As I reflect back on everything that went down, I have a big smile on my face yet again. It is so nice to see the repeat offenders every year. I also made new friendships that I am certain will last a lifetime. For some unknown reason, many of my motorcycle friends have become like family to me. There is a bond there that is undeniable. 

This is why I will be back again next year to see my wacky X-Roads family, and to welcome new people to the crew. If you are considering coming next year keep an eye on advtours.com

Thanks for your time and hope to see you next year!   

Kevin Goff


We need to thank the supporters of X-Roads 2020:

  • Miki Hodge and the Chaffee County Fairgrounds.
  • Matt Taber and KTM North America
  • Tim Pilg and Beta USA
  • John Nave with Bosch USA
  • Kevin Tanis and Warp 9 Racing Products
  • Jason Heller with Midland Motorsports
  • Craig Anderson at Rocky Mountain Jeep Rentals
  • Brian Busse with Gem Trackers
  • Dr. Keri Brown
  • Duke & Tami Shepard at FatTees & ½ Pint
  • Ken Brandon at Brandon Ward Graphics
  • The Angry Elf Bryant Hayward
  • Erik Nijkamp with Offroad Champions
  • Local MC Star Suzi Moody
  • Western Archery in Poncha Springs
  • Rally Liquors in Buena Vista
  • Chaffee County Printing