X-Roads Dual Sport, Singletrack and Adventure rides are a possible once in a lifetime opportunity to ride in the iconic Rocky Mountains and on the Continental Divide.

  • The various loops criss-cross the Continental Divide.
  • The Divide influences weather, determining which oceans receive the outflows of thousands of headwaters.
  • Creates and divides habitats—and offers spectacular views to those who are willing to challenge its heights.

Mt Shavano in the Background

  • Ride on the Continental Divide.
  • The Legendary Continental Divide, also known in this area as the Heart of the Rockies.
  • Remote and inspiring, riding the Continental Divide truly is a bucket list trip.
  • For a few days you’ll experience the most stunning landscapes our country has to offer, enjoying camping out under crisp starry skies or lodging in a hotel.
  • You’ll be challenged by the terrain and amazed by the scenery.
  • The loops are only passable in summer, and even then summer storms can render many passes difficult.
  • It could be an amazing few days of riding, one you’ll talk about for years to come.

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Adventure rides


2 Track @ 12,000 feet

  • X-Roads takes place in the Watersheds of 4 major American Rivers.
  • The Rio Grande, Arkansas, Colorado and Platte Rivers in the Heart of the Rockies.
  • The Crossroads of the Rockies are Hwy 50 & Hwy 285 below the Continental Divide.
  • X-Roads offers E- ticket Bucket List loops for Dual Sport, Singletrack and Adventure riders.
  • X-Roads are club rides. That means the ride participation is limited so you will not get lost in the crowd.
  • We do not encourage riding in large groups and insist everyone use the buddy system.



Riding, camping , fishing & bonfires

  • Ride Dual Sport, Singletrack or Adventure loops.
  • Bring 2 bikes if you wish?
  • Over 3,000 miles of loops.
  • All loops cloverleaf
  • Fishing destinations on the Arkansas river and multiple alpine lakes.


2 track below 14,000 foot Mt. Shavano

  • Our Playground for rides the Summer are among the densest concentration of high peaks and passes in North America. There are more 14 thousand foot peaks in Chaffee County than any other county in the US.
  • Ride your choice of routes. These rides do not not limit you to a one size fits all Loops
  • Ride loops with your own group or combine with another group for even more camaraderie.
  • Spend a few days riding some of the best stuff in the Heart of the Rockies.


View from the top of Mt. Antero

  • Exit Tours MC’s “High Adventure, No Hassle” approach includes plenty of riding.
  • Little used mountain two-track, singletrack, dirt & gravel roads.
  • Routes are mapped by our local experts and includes the camaraderie of like-minded enthusiasts.
  • Ride routes to iconic destinations you wouldn’t put together on your own.
  • Ride on the Continental Divide
  • Ride what you want, when you want, with who you want. New friends or old.
  • Navigate by GPS Tracks .
  • ‘C’ Dual Sport loops are suitable for an ADV Bike.
  • ‘B’ Singletrack is doable on a factory Dual Sport model.
  • ‘A’ Dual Sport loops will challenge you.
  • Bring a plated dirt bike and ride the ‘A+’ or ‘A’ Singletrack loops?


Singletrack crew at the Greens Creek shelter on the Continental Divide Trail

  • Any Competent rider is welcome to join us.
  • You should have a street legal, plated and insured motorcycle.


Triumph Cub on the Continental Divide

  • These are Club Rides. Rides start and finish on private property. No Guides, No trail marking.
  • Entry is limited, so you will not get lost in the crowd.
  • Cost of the ride is for amenities included with the ride, and not for the ride themselves.



The Rocky Mountains are not for Beginners

– We Do Not Provide Training –


KTM’s Matt Taber at 12,000+ foot Hancock Pass


Sunset on the Continental Divide


  • You won’t find games, talks, or seminars on our Club Rides.
  • You will find Enduro based rides that take just about all day to complete on the Dual Sport loops.
  • Singletrack loops are real Rocky Mountain Singletrack tied together with dirt and paved roads. Hence the need for a plate.
  • The Adventure loops will offer you challenges and scenic landscapes.
  • All the Loops will offer enough stories to tell for the rest of the year.


Exploration Team in Bonanza

Chaffee County, Colorado should truly be called a ‘Mecca’ for off-road motorcyclist’s.

Mecca  – noun

1) A place that is regarded as the center of an activity or interest.
2) A goal to which adherents of a religious faith or practice fervently aspire.

  • The Arkansas River starts to the north in Leadville and exits the Rocky Mountains to the east through Salida, which means ‘Exit’ in Spanish.
  • The headwaters of the Rio Grande river are the southern boundary. The Continental Divide is the western boundary.
  • There are literally thousands of miles of loops we can ride from the Heart of the Rockies.

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