Hey Guys, we thought this was a No Brainer. Ride some Epic Trails where you never get to ride. Share the camaraderie with like-minded individuals.
  • X-Roads includes camping Thursday to Tuesday
  • Bonfire, Dinner & Beverages Friday, Saturday & Sunday Night
  • Breakfast Saturday & Sunday at the Fairgrounds
  • Secure truck parking for the duration of the event
  • We recommend a plated dirt bike for the Singletrack loops.
  • While we are calling them Singletrack loops, they are in actuality Dual Sport loops with miles of Singletrack.
  • 5 Epic Singletrack loops options: 35 to 140 miles
  • Ride a little known area of Colorado few people know or ever have the opportunity to visit.
  • Buy your own fuel and snacks on the trail


Start Of Horseshoe trail above treeline


  • Saturday ride a 140+ mile Divide Singletrack loop that is a loop you would not put together on your own.
  • 2 possible fuel stops on Saturday
  • Little ridden Singletrack


  • Sunday ride a Bitchen 100 mile loop on the Rainbow Trail. The Rainbow is the longest continuous Singletrack trail in Colorado.
  • Sunday’s Loop includes 35 miles of continuous Singletrack.
  • Sunday we will transport fuel and snacks to the approximate halfway point.
  • There are no gas stations on the Rainbow Trail loop, so you need to carry fuel if don’t ride Sunday if you can’t go 100 miles.


The Rainbow Trail


  • Ride not with guides but with outriders who will point the way on Saturday & Sunday. Stop at all intersections.
  • Should prove to be an unforgettable ride in an area of Colorado few people ever venture into.
  • All loops but 4 Mile loop at Carnage Canyon cloverleaf from the Fairgrounds and include pavement sections.
  • You must be a competent rider and be prepared to ride the ‘A+’ & ‘A’ Singletrack Loops.
  • ‘A’ Singletrack loops should only be attempted by ‘A’ Riders.
  • Horseshoe loop will not have Outriders. This loop is a true challenge. Up to 12.5 k feet above sea level.


  • ‘B’ Singletrack 65 mile loop could be navigated by a ‘skilled’ rider on an ADV bike.
  • Why aren’t there more ‘B’ Singletrack loops ? It’s the Rocky Mountains.
  • Dual Sport loops include some Singletrack and are still a fun ride & a challenge.
  • GPS tracks for navigation. GPS Que sheet rollcharts will be available for you to print.
  • X-Roads is club ride. No trail markings. No guides. Membership Included with Sign-Up.
  • You are not paying for the ride, but for the amenities with the ride.


Singletrack crew on Monday in 2018 at the Greens Creek Shelter

Elevation Profiles of X-Roads Singletrack Loops

‘A+’ Singletrack Divide Loop 142 Miles *

‘A’ Singletrack Rainbow Loop 94 Miles *

‘A’ Horseshoe Loop 107 Miles *

‘A’ Singletrack 4 Mile Loop   35 Miles   Warm-Up *

‘B’ Singletrack CDT Loop 65 Mile

27 Mile warm-up loop with short section of the Rainbow.

If you want to ‘try’ some singletrack, this is your loop.

* =