SINGLETRACK X-ROADS - Motorcycle trails


Ride Epic Rocky Mountain Singletrack Trails. Share the camaraderie with like-minded enthusiast’s.

  • Ride a little known area of Colorado few people know or ever have the opportunity to visit.
  • Multiple Fun GPS Track loops for you to choose from.
  • Real Rocky Mountain Singletrack, some of it for miles at treeline on the Continental Divide.
  • These Loops are Loops you would not put together on your own.
  • You must have a plated motorcycle for the Singletrack loops.
  • While we are calling them Singletrack loops, they are in actuality Dual Sport loops with miles of Singletrack.
  • Epic Singletrack loops with options from 60 to 140 miles
  • Buy your own fuel and snacks on the trail


Start Of Horseshoe trail above treeline

  • Ride Epic Singletrack loops that you would not put together on your own.
  • Little ridden Singletrack, few if any whoops or stutterbumps.

Rainbow Trail

  • 2 different Loops of the Rainbow that are Beyond compare.
  • The Upriver 4 Pass Loop is 130 miles over 4 mountain passes that ends at 11,300+ foot Monarch Pass

Link to the 4 Pass Singletrack Loop. An E-Ticket Ride.

  • The Downriver loop is a bitchen 100 mile loop into the Bonanza mining area

Downriver E-Ticket Loop starts off at Hwy 285 then 40 miles of Continuous Singletrack. Over Hayden Pass to Clover Creek to Bonanza to the Otto Mears Toll-road to Silvercreek. The upper Rainbow Trail to Hwy 285. 100 mile loop.  The Rainbow Trail skirts the Wilderness for 40 miles. Then head over a designated trail trough the Wilderness.

  • The Rainbow is the longest continuous Singletrack trail in Colorado.
  • Epic Loops on the Continental Divide Trail
  • Loops into the Colorado River watershed that you cant do with just a map.

The Rainbow Trail

  • All loops cloverleaf from the Fairgrounds and include short pavement sections.
  • You must be a competent rider and be prepared to ride the ‘A’ Singletrack Loops.
  • ‘A’ Singletrack loops should only be attempted by ‘A’ Riders.


  • Horseshoe loop is an E-Ticket ride and a true challenge. Up to 12.5 k feet above sea level.
  • Includes Agate Creek, Continental Divide Trail and Greens Creek

  • If your up for a real Challenging day long ride, this E-Ticket Loop has 2 Fuel & Snack stops.
  • We suggest you don’t doddle at either.
  • Greens Creek, CDT, Agate to Sargents for gas & snack. Quakey to Snowblind, Horseshoe to Quartz Ceeek, over the Top of Quartz down to Tomichi Pass. To Hancock Pass, to Cottowood Hot Springs for gas & a snack. Ruby Mountain to 4 Mile to Aspen Ridge. Aspen Ridge to the Ute Pass Mine trail to behind ‘S’ Mountain then back to the fairgrounds. Epic Loop. 130+ miles. Less than 10% pavement.


  • ‘B’ Singletrack loops could be navigated by a ‘skilled’ rider on an ADV bike.
  • Why aren’t there more ‘B’ Singletrack loops ? It’s the Rocky Mountains.
  • Dual Sport loops include some Singletrack.
  • GPS Tracks for navigation.
  • X-Roads is club ride. No trail markings. No guides. Membership Included with Sign-Up.
  • You are not paying for the ride, but for the amenities with the ride.

Singletrack crew on Monday in 2018 at the Greens Creek Shelter

More Loops and Options have been added for 2020






Continental Divide Trail

E-Ticket Singletrack

Engineered 2 Ride


SINGLETRACK TRAILS in the Heart of the Rockies

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