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Father's Day Ride '23
Father’s Day Ride ’23


  • It is what can save your life!
  • If you were riding alone and got off the route and then got hurt…
  • You may not be missed until the end of the day.
  • For this reason we must insist that All riders use the buddy system.
  • Obviously 2 (or 3) riders that enter together will be buddies.
  • 4 or more should split into pairs.
  • Team up with others and watch out for each other.
Snow Drift on Hagerman Pass
Snow drift on Hagerman Pass in July


  • Don’t lose sight of your buddy
  • Don’t make a major turn unless you know your buddy will also.
  • Wait at major turns.
  • If buddies get separated…
  • Both go back to the last place they saw each other.
Motorcycle Gang
Motorcycle Club gang at X-Roads of the Rockies in 2013

Pair up with at least one other rider so that you can look out after each other.

Your ride will be enhanced if you ride with others who are:

  • Of the same skill level
  • Riding similar motorcycles
  • Have compatible desires for the ride
  • Speed of travel
  • How often to stop for a rest, pictures, etc.
Cuba on the Beach
Gang In Cuba on the Beach ’23
Team Wanker
Team Wanker on the Continental Divide







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