Passes of X-Roads of the Rockies

Passes in the Rocky Mountains in the X-Roads Region


High mountain passes you can ride at X-Roads are in the following mountain ranges:

  • The Sawatch Range (Continental Divide) which divide the Arkansas River Valley and the Colorado River Headwaters.
  • The Mosquito Range which separates the Arkansas and Platte River.
  • The Sangre de Cristo Range which divides the Rio Grande and the Arkansas rivers.
  • The Northern San Juan’s, which are the headwaters watershed of the Rio Grande River.
  • Every Pass on X-Roads is part of a Loop. You wont just ride to the top and back. Except on Pikes Peak, which is not a pass.


Mountain Passes of X-Roads labeled

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  • The Crossroads of the Rockies are in Poncha Springs in south central Colorado.
  • The white X on the map is the Chaffee County Fairgrounds..
  • Chaffee County is home to more 14 thousand foot peaks than any other county in North America.

The Crossroads of the Rockies are US Hwy 50 and State Highway 285.

List of passes you could ride @ X roads 
Sawatch Range Passes. (Continental Divide)
  1. Hagerman.
  2. Independence.
  3. Cottonwood.
  4. Tincup.
  5. Hancock.
  6. Cumberland.
  7. Black Sage.
  8. Old Monarch.
  9. Monarch
Sangre de Cristo Range Passes.
  1. Marshall.
  2. Poncha.
  3. Hayden.
  4. Medano.
Mosquito Range Passes.
  1. Mosquito Pass. 
  2. Weston.
  3. Trout Creek.
  4. Breakneck
Northern San Juan Range Passes.
  1. Canero.
  2. Ute Pass. 
  3. Otto Mears Toll-Road

All of these passes could be negotiated by any competent rider on a properly set up ADV motorcycle.

A few Pass Signs

950’s at Hancock Pass Summit

Simplified Heart of the Rockies Map
List of Colorado towns you could visit or pass through on X-Roads 
  • Salida.
  • Centerville.
  • Buena Vista.
  • Poncha Springs.
  • Maysville.
  • Garfield.
  • Sargents.
  • Tincup.
  • Pitkin.
  • St Elmo.
  • Howard.
  • Coaldale.
  • Cotopaxi.
  • Westcliffe.
  • Silver cliff.
  • Alamosa.
  • Center.
  • Saguache.
  • Villa Grove.
  • Granite.
  • Twin Lakes.
  • Aspen.
  • Basalt.
  • Leadville.
  • Alma.
  • Southpark.
  • Fairplay.
  • Florissant.
  • Woodland Park.
  • Colorado Springs.
  • Manitou Springs.
  • Cripple Creek.


Whale Hill at 12,000 feet in the Northern San Juan’s

Continental Divide from the Salida Volcanic Crater

View of the far Northern Sangre de Cristo’s from the Salida Volcanic Crater


Mosquito Pass is the highest pass in the Country you can ride that goes somewhere.


See this link for Info on Individual High Mountain Passes:

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