DUAL SPORT X-ROADS - Colorado Dual Sport - Colorado dual sport rides


Want to go riding somewhere different?

We may have the answer.


  • Ride a little known area of Colorado few people know or ever have the opportunity to visit.

  • The ‘A’ Loops it goes without saying take the challenging sections.
  • You wont be disappointed in whichever loops you choose.
  • The ‘B’ Dual Sport Loops are just fun rides. You will not be disappointed.
  • But we will say this. The ‘A’ loops will not leave begging for more.
  • Fuel stops on all Dual Sport Loops are within 80 miles.
  • Very few whoops or stutter bumps on any of these routes.
  • The ‘A’ Dual Sport loops include Singletrack.

  • All these loops should prove to be an unforgettable ride in an area of Colorado few people ever venture into.
  • All loops cloverleaf from the Fairgrounds and include pavement sections.
  • You should be a competent rider and be prepared to ride the ‘A’  Dual Sport loops.
  • Why aren’t there more Novice ‘C’ Dual Sport loops ? There are.
  • The ADV loops would be Novice friendly. But you’ll want an ADV bike for the longer Adventure mile loops.
  • This is a Club ride. No trail markings. No guides.
  • You are not paying for the ride, but for the amenities with the ride.

Info on Dual Sport Loop Maps

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More Loops have been added for 2020



‘A-B’ 177 Mile Loop to Sawatch & Bonanza *

‘B” 142 Mile Loop to Sawatch & Bonanza *

‘B’ 136 Mile loop to Pitkin & Hancock Pass

‘A’ 116 Mile loop to Chinaman’s Gulch *

‘B’ 142 Mile Loop to Buena Vista

‘C’ 140 Mile loop to Saguache and Bonanza Mines

‘C’ 140 Mile loop over 5 Passes on the Continental Divide

* =

Hayden Pass Summit

Top of Greens Creek on the Jack Walton Memorial Ride

Chaffee County Fairgrounds 2012 X-Roads

Mt Shavano in the Background at the Ponderosa Lodge

Green in the Rocky Mountains in August at 12,000 feet

Tomichi Creek Trading Post in Sargents, CO

Tomichi Creek Trading Post in Sargents, CO


5 Passes Dual Sport Loop

5 Passes ‘B’ Dual Sport Loop

Our Playground is Vast!