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So you want to ride from Cortez, Colorado to the Wyoming border, but are wondering how the travel logistics will work?

travel logistics
Travel Logistics
  • The plan for the end of August is to ride from the Ute Mountain Casino near Cortez, Colorado to the Wyoming border.
  • Following the Colorado Backroads Discovery Route.
  • Either ride your motorcycle to Cortez.
  • Or drive your truck and park it at the Ute Mountain Casino near Cortez, Colorado.
  • Secure Truck parking is available free with 24 hour security
  • The Route ends near Savery, WYO, basically in the middle of nowhere.
  • The Club will portage your gear back to the Ute Casino in the 4 corners area on Sept 1.


  • You could also rent a U-Haul.
  • Drive it with your bikes in the back to Cortez.
  • Drop the rental truck near Cortez.
  • Then ride back from Wyoming to home ?

adv ride colorado

If you drove your truck to the 4 Corners region, you can park your truck at the secure Casino for the duration of the ride.

  • Hang out and get to know your fellow Like-minded enthusiasts on Thursday night August 24
  • Enjoy the included dinner and a welcome banquet Thursday night at the Casino.


  • Sign-in & stage and stay at the Ute Casino on Thursday Aug 24 
  • The ride starts Friday morning Aug. 25 from the Ute Mountain Casino near Cortez.


  • Camp on days 1 & 2, 5, 6.
  • Camping is included with club membership on days 1,2 and 6
  • Breakfast is included when camping on the mornings of Days 2,3 & 7
  • Camp on Day 1 Fri Aug 25 near Telluride
  • Or Lodge in Telluride
  • Camp on Day 2 Day Aug 26 near Lake City
  • Or Lodge in Lake City
  • Lodge Sunday night Aug 27 Day 3 and Rest on Day 4 near Salida, CO.
  • Lodge at the Ride HQ Ponderosa Lodge
  • Or Lodge at the Poncha Lodge < 8 miles from the ride HQ
  • Day 4 Monday Aug 28 is a Rest Day
  • Camp or Lodge on Day 5 Aug 29 near Sweetwater Canyon at a private campground near Gypsum.
  • Camp Day 6 Aug 30 – North of Steamboat Springs at Hahn’s Peak Lake CG.
  • Or Lodge in Steamboat Springs on Day 6
  • Day 7 Aug 31 Camp or Lodge at the Ladder Ranch
  • Camping locations are pre-arranged and breakfast will be available in the morning.
  • Or you could camp somewhere on your own if you wish, after letting the club know you survived the day.


  • Hotels are available near most campsites.
  • The club can drop your portaged gear at the hotel of your choice on The Route.
  • If you choose a Hotel or to camp elsewhere, it must be on the route.
  • If you choose to stay in a Hotel, the hotels must be in:
  • Aug 25 Day 1 Telluride
  • Aug 26 Day 2 Lake City
  • Aug 27 & 28 Day 3 & 4 Poncha Springs or Salida
  • Aug 29 Day 5 Gypsum 
  • Aug 30 Day 6 Steamboat Springs
  • Aug 31 Day 7 The Ladder Ranch
Adventure Tour from Cottonwood Hot Springs in 2013
Adventure Tour from Cottonwood Hot Springs in 2013


  • The Ponderosa Lodge is a Fire camp and family Lodge west of Salida, CO
  • Use Monday Day 4 as a rest day
  • There are several loops to Mountain passes, not on the COBDR.
  • You could ride on Day 4 if you would like ride more in the Heart of the Rockies.
  • Loops on Monday could be 80 to 130 miles loops.
  • Ride with GPS tracks will be supplied for Loops in the Heart of Rockies.
  • Or you could just rest and enjoy the day off.
  • If you prefer, you could stay at the Poncha Lodge in nearby Poncha Springs on Day 3 & 4

You are responsible to purchase your own Lodging.

  • Discounted lodging will be available at the Ute Mountain Casino near the 4 Corners in Cortez, CO.
  • On Sept 24th & Sept 1st
  • On Days 3 & 4 we will Lodge at the Ponderosa Lodge on Monarch Pass outside Salida.
  • If you prefer, you could stay at the Poncha Lodge in nearby Poncha Springs on Day 3 & 4
  • The club will have rooms held and you are responsible for payment when you Sign-Up.
  • Lodging at the Ponderosa Lodge will include Dinner Sunday & Monday night. Breakfast Monday & Tuesday.
  • The Club will reserve a Private Campground on Day 5. Dinner & Breakfast included.
  • Lodging or camping is available at the Ladder Ranch on Day 7.
  • The club will reserve and again you are responsible for Payment.
  • Dinner will be included at the Ladder Ranch as will breakfast on what will be Day 8.
  • Exit Tours is the ‘Code’ at the Ute Casino and at the Poncha Lodge.



Link to

Hotel  888-565-8837

Ponderosa Lodge
Ponderosa Lodge 

INFO ONLY for the Ponderosa Lodge


Option on Day 2 to Lodge at the Poncha Lodge in Poncha Springs

At the Crossroads of the Rockies, Hwy’s 50 & 285.

< 8 miles from the Ponderosa Lodge

Call to Confirm and pay with your CC.

  • Phone:
  • (719) 539-6085

10520 Hwy 50 West, Poncha Springs, CO 81242

Sweetwater Motorcycle Campground
Sweetwater Motorcycle Campground

ladder Ranch

Link to the

INFO only for the Ladder Ranch

UTE MOUNTAIN CASINO near the 4 Corners Region

Start Locale Link on Google Maps:

The Colorado Backroads Adventure + will end on Thursday AUG 31 at the Ladder Ranch

  • Where we can spend the night on day 7 on the CO/ WYO border.

But now we need to get from Savery, WYO either back to Cortez, or wherever you call home ?

  • If you rode to Cortez:
  • There is tire wear on the pavement to consider. Before the ride.
  • And transporting 7 days worth of gear.
  • If you chose to ride to Cortez, once you arrive in Cortez, you can offload your gear to the Chase trailer.
  • At the end of the ride in Wyoming, you could then pack your gear back on your bike, and ride home.
  • Savery is 2.5 hours North of I -70 near Rifle, CO.
  • Again, in the middle of nowhere, but Rifle, CO is on a major Interstate Hwy 70.
Ranch locale on Day 7
Ranch locale on Day 7 of the COBDR Adventure

If you drove your truck to Cortez, how do you get back to Cortez to your truck with your Gear ?

  • The Club will drive the chase trailer with your gear back to Cortez.
  • You Ride back to Cortez.
  • Your truck has been securely at the Ute Mountain Casino.

You could then unload your gear to your truck, spend the night at the Ute Casino and leave in the morning from Cortez back to wherever home is.

  • The Google map below shows 3 routes back to Cortez, CO from Savery, WYO.
  • You could ride back to Cortez the long scenic way, a shorter fast scenic way or the fastest through Moab.

Those are basically your options if you want to ride back from the Wyoming border to the 4 Corners region.

Please don’t hesitate to call with any Questions on Lodging or Logistics – Mike 719-649-8530


Savery, Wyo to Cortez, CO
Savery, Wyo to Cortez, CO (Clickable)

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