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Lodging Info Spanish Border ADV

LODGING INFO for the Autumn Spanish Border Adventure Ride At the ELKHORN LODGE Sept 21 To the OJO CALIENTE HOT SPRINGS Sept 22 And in TAOS, NEW MEXICO Sept 23   START TIME: 8 AM to 9 AM on Friday Sept 22 START ADDRESS:  2663 S. Highway 84, Chama, NM



  LINK to Club Held Lodging Cost on Sign-Up Page   LINKS to LODGING: You must call the Ute Mtn Casino and say your with Exit Tours on the specified Date (s) to reserve your room with your CC. Start Locale Link on Google Maps: Ute Mountain Casino 3 Weeminuche


SOUTH PARK – RAILROADS AND THE GATEWAY TO THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS   Located in the middle of Colorado,  South Park figured prominently in the center of the “Pikes Peak or Bust” gold rush of 1859.   In the late 1800’s there where 2 Railroads in Southpark. The Colorado Midland and

How does the Club Supported Backroads Adventure Work

How does this Club Supported COBDR Adventure Work ? Brief synopsis on camping and meals before we get into the route: Sign-In at the Ute Casino on Thursday afternoon On the start of Day 1 Breakfast is available at the Ute Casino. On Days 1, 2 & 6 the 3

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Moto Journalist Chris Baker

For 2024, Moto Journalist Christopher Baker will Guide Exit Tours MC’s Eastern Cuban Adventure along with Profil’s Luis Enrique from Mid-May. Mr. Baker is the man responsible for the routes, lodging and restaurants choices on the Western Cuban Adventures with Exit Tours MC in January of ’23 and for 3

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Cuban Adventure Rides

Three Cuban Adventure Rides in 2024 “Simply stated, Cuba is one of the most fascinating, complex, misunderstood, culturally vibrant, and exciting countries on Earth. Almost every U.S. citizen who visits falls in love with the place, regardless of politics.” Christopher P. Baker, Moto Journalist & National Geographic acclaimed Cuban Expert