Bigfoot Area Stay on Marked Trails

Bigfoot Area, Stay on Marked Trails

Exit Tours MC works to minimize pavement mileage, maximize scenery and fun, and generally only use paved roads as necessary to tie dirt loops together and access amenities.

  • There are hundreds of miles of old mining roads, railroad right of ways and singletrack trails in the areas we ride.

Blanks Cabin below Mt Shavano

  • Exit Tours Club rides are self-guided – We do not provide guides.
  • Included with the Ride is club membership in Ride with GPS.
  • Ride with GPS is Cell phone compatible, without a Cell signal or a contract. Just use Wi-Fi to download tracks.
  • Every rider will be emailed GPS tracks and maps.
  • Turn mileage, important route information, and other notes are included with the GPS Track Que sheets and Voice Navigation.
  • The maps provide an overview of each day’s route, so that riders have a general sense of where they are and where they’re going, but are not detailed-enough for navigation.
  • There will be no course markings.
  • You must follow GPS tracks or ride with someone else who is.

LINK to NAVIGATION INFO: advtours.com/navigation-safety/

The 7 P'sThe 7 P’s: Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

  • On the Singletrack and Dual Sport loops you will ride through remote, rugged locations that are often inaccessible by truck. 
  • You should carry your own tube, plug kit, tool kit, air, lighter, first aid, water, snacks, tow strap, etc.
  • Carry a cell phone and we highly recommend the use of a satellite-operated tracking and rescue device such as a SPOT – you will often be out of cell phone range.
  • Have your motorcycle geared for at least 70 mph, so that you can keep up with traffic on highway sections.
  • Please no Foo Foo motorcycles under 250cc motorcycles, on any of Exit Tours MC Rides.
Truss Railroad Bridge at Badger Pass
Creek crossing in the Summertime

Miscellaneous Info:

  • If you get stranded we will of course do whatever we can to bail you out.
  • However, if we need to arrange evacuation, medical aid, or any other form of rescue assistance for you, there may be an outside charge associated with that assistance.
  • There may be a course photographer in a strategic place to take your picture and provide photos for you online after the event.
 Mosquito Pass Rocky Mountain
They are called the Rocky Mountains for a reason. Mosquito Pass
  • Secure truck parking will be available for the weekend every weekend.
  • Chase Truck will be available if necessary.
  • Limiting the size of the group keeps its manageable, so we can all have a more enjoyable experience, without a large crowd.
Bosch Hats
2 Dudes wearing Bosch Hats