Trailride Week Ride Outline

More Trailride Week Ride Outline

JULY 11-16 



Camp at the Arkansas river on arrival Sunday at a private Sugarbush campground. 

Day 1 ride to a majority Singletrack trail for 75 miles to a Resort and Bar & Grill in Sargents for Monday night. Fuel available. Club will portage your gear.

  • Day 2 ride as much singletrack as possible back to the Arkansas River and camp.
  • Day 3 ride loop from the river through a historic mining area and ride singletrack back to river and camp.
  • Day 4 move up the Valley. Ride a tough Singletrack loop. Soak at Cottonwood Hot Springs. Camp at campground near Ruby Mountain. Or Lodge at Cottonwood Hot Springs.
  • Day 5 ride an extreme Singletrack loop and depart.
  • This Trailride Week is a club ride that will include BBQ and beverages on arrival Sunday, on Wednesday and food at the River Runners riverside Bar & Grill before departure on Friday.
  • Breakfast Monday & Tuesday.
  • Gear portage.
  • Chase truck.
  • Phone compatible GPS Tracks and support.
  • Ride with GPS Club Membership.
  • T-Shirt.
  • Ride maps.

Day 1

  • East to West – 75 Miles – Rainbow trail. Rainbow singletrack trail to Hwy 285. Cross Hwy. West Rainbow trail to Poncha Loop/Silvercreek. To Marshall Pass up a creek.
  • Marshall Pass to the Continental Divide Trail. CDT to Agate Creek. Agate Creek to Hwy 50 to Resort.
  • 50+ Miles of Singletrack. Less than 10% pavement.
  • Bar & Grill and fuel at destination.

Day 2

  • Clockwise – 112 miles- From the resort to Black Sage Pass on Singletrack. To Canyon Creek singletrack to Snowblind. To Old Monarch to Monarch Summit.
  • Continental Divide Trail singletrack to down Greens Creek singletrack.
  • To Fuel in Poncha Springs. To below Mt. Shavano to Hwy 285. River Road to Smeltertown to Ute Mine trail. To Spiral Mtn to Railroad 2 track to Cleora. To Wellsville.
  • Powerline/River Loop to Campground on the river.
  • 40+ miles singletrack. 2 track, & dirt roads. 10% Pavement.
  • Fuel & Snacks Available.


Day 3

  • Clockwise – 96 Miles – Campground on the river. Ride downstream. To Hayden Creek Road.
  • To over Hayden Pass. Fenceline trail below Sangre De Cristo’s to Alder Creek. Clover Creek to Otto Mears Tollroad.
  • To Silvercreek / West Rainbow Trailhead. Rainbow Singletrack to Hwy 285. Cross 285 to East Rainbow Singletrack. To Bearcreek. To Wellsville. To River Road.
  • To Campground. 30+ Miles of Singletrack. Challenging 2 track. Less than 10% Pavement.
  • This is a remote loop with no fuel or snacks available.


Day 4

  • Clockwise – 65 Miles – Toughone Dual Sport & Singletrack loop.
  • Buena Vista to Cottonwood Pass. To County Road. T
  • o Poplar Gulch Singletrack. To Tincup. To Tincup Pass. To Mirror Lake.
  • To Timberline Singletrack Trail.
  • To paved Cottonwood Pass. To Cottonwood Hot Springs.
  • Challenging Singletrack, Challenging 2 track. Awesome views. 25% pavement. 

Day 5

  • Clockwise – 45 Miles – Johnson Village to Chinaman Gulch. Chinaman to North Triad Ridge.
  • To South Triad Ridge. To Bald Mtn Gulch. To Arnold Gulch. To ATV Trail. To 300.
  • To Ruby Mountain.
  • To Raft Put-In at Bar &b Grill on the Arkansas River for Lunch.
  • Fuel in Johnson Village.
  • If you camped closer this loop would only be around 38 miles. This is a very challenging Loop.
  • That was 5 days of riding and almost 400 Miles.
  • If you rode all 5 days you crossed over the Continental Divide at least 6 times and rode in the headwaters of 3 major rivers.
  • The Rio Grande, the Colorado and the Arkansas rivers.
  • You will need new tires now.
  • 25 Rider Limit. Don’t miss out on this what will be an Epic week long Club Trail Ride.


Heart of the Rockies Map

JULY 11-16