4 Pass Singletrack Loop


4 Pass Singletrack Loop Example

Hayden, Poncha, Marshall & Monarch Passes

4 Passes from Hayden Pass to Marshall Pass is an Extreme ride at altitudes to 12,000 feet above sea level

River road to Hayden Creek to the Rainbow trail to Poncha Pass and Hwy 285. Poncha Creek to Marshall Pass to the Continental Divide Trail. To Monarch Pass. Back to the Continental Divide Trail and down Greens Creek.

Creek Crossing near Howard, CO on the Arkansas River

Ride downriver from Salida on the north side of the Arkansas river in the dirt towards Coaldale & Hayden Pass.

Rainbow Trailhead at Poncha Pass.

Ride upriver on the Rainbow trail and crossover Poncha Pass, ride off-road to Marshall Pass, then pick-up the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) at Marshall Pass and ride to Monarch Pass.

Last uphill on the Rainbow trail when your riding up-river.

We would Cache gas & water on Poncha Pass.

Poncha Pass is at the Headwaters of the Arkansas and Rio Grande Rivers.

Marshall Pass from up Poncha Creek is a nice journey through the forest.

Marshall Pass is on an Old Railroad Pass from the Arkansas River to the Colorado River Headwaters.

Why cant you ride it downriver?

You could ride from Monarch Pass downriver, but the finish is much closer if you finish at Monarch Pass than if you finish at Hayden Pass. And riding up the Rainbow Trail is a unique challenge. 40 miles of continuous singletrack. This entire loop is more than 120 miles and > 60% Singletrack. Less than 5 miles of pavement.

Couple of Florida Wankers at the Continental Divide at Monarch Pass after riding from Hayden Pass.

Monarch Pass is the Highest Point on the Transcontinental Highway 50

Greens Creek trail is the only Motorcycle trail from the CDT to Hwy 50.

The funnest way back from Monarch Pass back to Salida is to reverse course from Monarch Pass and come back to and then go down Greens Creek.

We suggest an early start as this will be an all day ride for most. Singletrack at altitude.

E-Ticket Singletrack

Engineered 2 Ride