2 Day ADV Moto Tours & Camps


2018 2 Day ADV Moto Tours & Camps

Geared toward riders of all brands of ADV-touring and Dual Sport motorcycles, the Rocky Mountain 2 Day ADV Tours will stay at or near and each will visit Hot Springs in Colorado and New Mexico & include Hot Springs Passes.

The concept behind these Tours & Camps is short 2 or 3 day weekends. Lodging @ Hot Springs or rustic lodges with Hot Springs Passes and meals included where applicable. Ride with Like-Minded Enthusiasts.


The weekend rides include from 200 to 400 miles of the most spectacular scenery the Rocky Mountains have to offer, in one of the most scenic riding area of the country.

The “High Adventure, No Hassle” approach includes plenty of riding on mountain two-track and dirt & gravel routes mapped by our local experts. And the camaraderie of like-minded enthusiasts.


Exit Tours Motorcycle Club in 2018 will hold Five 2 Day ADV Moto Camps & Tours.


The way the ADV Camps & Tours will work depends on who the Outriders are and what the Group wants to do. If the group wants a Challenge, we can do that. Nothing you cant get over, no ledges of crazy stuff, but we can come up with a Challenge. 100 miles or 300 miles. How much do you want to ride ?

Sunset on the Continental Divide

Daily routes can be customized to the level of Adventure and Challenge your group is up for.  With bailout points on more challenging routes if Available so everyone can ride to their personal level each day…

If the Group wants mellow, we can do that also. Majority off-road. We will not be riding Pavement except to tie Dirt together. If half the group wants a challenge and the other half wants mellow, we can come up with still fun to ride bailouts and shortcuts.

Whatever you want , we can come up with it. Our Playground is Vast!

The 2 Day Adventure Moto Tours & Camps in 2018 will visit 5 iconic and historic Hot Springs on separate epic weekend journeys through the Rocky Mountains.

These rides in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains will be semi-guided tours with outriders & a chase truck available. These Tours & Camps are not for the Faint of Heart and not for beginners.

125 + Miles a Day

The Best of the West, Scenic Passageway to History in Gunnison County

Quite possibly with no exaggeration the Rocky Mountains in this region could be called the rooftop of North America. With eight peaks reaching over 14 thousand feet, the Collegiate Peaks near Chaffee County are some of the highest peaks in the Continental United States.

Old miners cabin @ the Continental Divide

The peaks and passes form the backbone of the Rocky Mountains and the Continental Divide and the headwaters and watersheds of 4 major North American rivers:

  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Rio Grande 
  • Platte Rivers
Riverbend Hot Springs on the Rio Grande River. Truth or Consequences, NM

The destination Hot Springs of the 2 Day ADV Tours & Camps are set in a mountain paradise. Around the turn of the century, during the Golden Age of Mineral Spas, these spas and this area was known for their Natural Healing waters.

Steam Engine @ the Palisades on it’s way to the Alpine Tunnel

Historically the canyons and passes we will travel have provided the only routes through the Rocky Mountains for trains and automobiles. The 2 track provided access for prospecting at Mines and for logging. The engineering required to get Trains over and through the canyons and passes was the most difficult feat within the entire Continental US Railroad system.

“Now This is Colorado”, Chaffee County, Colorado
  • Event organizer Exit Tours Motorcycle Club is based in Salida, Colorado
  • The 5 Tours combined, have access to over 17 mountain passes
  • Each weekend Tour & Camp is Limited to 12 participants, so you won’t get lost in a crowd
  • Ride from 100 to 300 miles a day
  • Single Occupancy Lodging is included everywhere but Tomichi Creek
  • Shared Lodging at Tomichi Creek
  • Club membership is included with Signing -Up
  • Special Lodging Rates are available for your Significant Other
Hot Springs Tour @ Glenwood Hot Springs

Thought the Forest, on a Triumph Cub
Plenty of old Railroad infrastructure in the Rocky Mountains
Inside the Alpine Tunnel , which has been closed for years
Joyful Journey Hot Springs in the San Luis Valley
Singletrack on the Continental Divide
Hayden Pass through the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness
Great Sand Dunes National Monument in Colorado

True Adventure. Where the Buffalo Roam


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